"Never be within doors that you can rightly be without." ~Charlotte Mason

My Story


When I first started homeschooling, I envisioned the majority of homeschool moms to be wearing well-worn dresses down to their ankles with 8-12 children in tow. Not only was my impression very naive, but I've since learned that mothers who homeschool are some of the most dedicated, creative, intelligent, talented, and godly women. These women have since become my dearest friends, impactful mentors and have continued to inspire me as I homeschool my own children.

Our Top Picks


Looking for some help as you navigate your homeschool journey? Here are some of our top picks for choosing curriculum to best suit you and your children, a living book list, and daily schedule for planning your school year. Receive inspiration, guidance, and personal recommendations.

Our Book List


Looking for some living books? Books that don't drive you crazy to read. Books that you love and that the littles love also? Check out our favorite books.

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